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Its My Everything
Its My Everything

Its My Everything

Its My Everything was developed entirely by Servalsoft LLC. This is a sophisticated website with many web services involved. Its My Everything is a unique approach to Social Networking. Most Social Networking websites use ads as a means of income. Its My Everything went down a fee based approach. Beyond that, it gives it's members an opportunity to earn money by referring others.

Web services consisted of SSN verification, zip code distance calculation, video encoding, credit card processing and email account generation.

New development included calendar syncing, video streaming, personal advertising, customizable profiles, and much more.

A secure back-end control allowed to generate payment, modify user content, logs and more. Basically everything for the owners to keep the site running without a developer.

  • Custom Backend Manager including account tiers, member accounts, prices, user logs, accounting, newsletters, and more
  • Online & phone communication with client
  • 13 month project launched 3 months early